Sibelius Concerto with Baden Baden Philharmonic

Both the soloist and the orchestra interpreted the lyrical introduction in the first movement of the Sibelius Concerto with exceeding subtlety and sensitivity. From this seeming idyll, they managed to build tremendous tension, which also gave space to the kind of depth and gravity of emotion that is as important to the music of the Finnish late-romantic composer as the occasional nods to Nordic folklore. Although the music of Sibelius steadfastly continues the tradition of late romanticism, one nonetheless finds in him occasional hints of that inner turmoil that was the predominant mentality governing the attitude towards life of many intellectuals of the first half of the 20th century and therefore, also affecting many composer colleagues of Sibelius. This aspect was likewise very well expressed in the interpretation of the violinist Itamar Zorman. At the same time, the seeming ease and effortlessness, with which he tackled the occasionally extremely difficult passages was more than impressive. In the second movement, the violinist fascinated with his wonderfully rich and at the same time longingly singing sound, while in the last movement, with its hammering rhythms and folkloristic motives, he had yet another opportunity to demonstrate his commanding virtuosity.

Badische Nachrichten, March 12, 2013